Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome - take a seat...'s been a while that I have been maintaining my blog 'The Barefoot Gardener'. In this time I have focused on my garden and the endless tasks that arise from growing food. Now, I feel it is time to start sharing the plethora of recipes that I have developed.

Growing food is a funny practise. Mostly you focus solely on getting the ground prepared and the seed in. Then the long wait begins. Patience is certainly a hard earned virtue in any kitchen garden. But once the food is grown, there is suddenly that 'Uh-Oh' moment. You have the food, you have cooked it up a few times and then you realise that you only have four different ways to eat silver beet!

This blog will (hopefully) help seasonal gardeners and cooks prepare interesting meals from the same foods. Many of our family's meals nowadays are spur of the moment occasions. Sometimes I have something in mind, sometimes I let the garden talk for me. Always, I am on the lookout for that elusive recipe that will make zucchinis more appealing after eating them for weeks on end. I must admit, I haven't found that recipe....yet. But where there is a garden and an enthusiastic cook to tend it, there will always always be new recipes to be had.


I cook from the heart. As a result, I know exactly how much pasta it takes to feed our family and how much cheese we like in a recipe. I have absolutely no idea how to cook for you and your family though. Therefore most of my recipes are fairly sketchy when it comes to amounts. Feel free to experiment and find out exactly how your family works and what they all like to eat.

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